Quest For Redemption

by David Tindell (Book Trailer)

D A V I D   T I N D E L L

     The thriller: a novel that uses suspense, excitement, apprehension and exhilaration to tell a story.

     If that’s what you’re looking for in a story, you’re about to find it.

     Welcome to my site. This is where our journey together starts, where you will meet men and women who have dedicated themselves to pushing their limits. We will travel with them to exotic places, stand with them as they face great challenges, and do our best to bring them home safely. They are people who are really not that different than you and me, but who perhaps have taken those steps we long to take, toward goals that may seem out of reach, but if they can be attained…well, it will be worth the trip.

     Are you ready? Then let’s get started.