On my first visit to Boston in '09, I was able to get up close and personal with a Brown Bess musket on Bunker Hill.

Researching a novel is fun when you get to travel, which my wife Sue and I do a lot. Here we are on the Acropolis ​in Athens, Greece, November 2010. You can read more about our travels on her blog: www.travelleadersyournextjourney.blogspot.com
I’m a firm believer that every writer needs a dog, preferably a Yorkie. Here’s ours, Sophie.

In August 2014, Sue and I tested successfully for our black belts in ryukudo kobujutsu, the study of Okinawan weaponry. Here we are with our senseis, Brian and Stacy Swantz, and master instructor Peter Carbone.

Meeting our readers is always fun for authors. Here I am at Fall Fest '14 in Hayward, WI, flanked by fellow authors Debra Patrow and Donna White Glaser.

On 1-26-15, I attended a special showing of American Sniper in the Twin Cities, hosted by former SEAL Larry Yatch (L) of Sealed Mindset. To my left is the Sniper's former instructor, Eric Davis.
I'm a serious baseball fan. In March '15, I visited my parents and little brother in Arizona. Here I am with Brian taking in a game at the Brewers' park in Maryvale.

9-27-14 was a most excellent day, when daughter Kim got married! Here's our son Jim, the bride, our new son-in-law Mike Marolda, and the proud parents of the bride.

Sue and I on horseback in Tibet, during our visit to China in May 2016.