Jim and Mark Hayes are brothers who grew up in southern Wisconsin, then went their separate ways. Jim went to college, married and started a nondescript career, but when his pregnant wife was murdered in front of him, he dedicated his life to training in the martial arts, so the next time his help was needed, he could respond. Mark attended West Point and entered into a long career as a decorated Army officer. By 2011, the brothers are in middle age and wondering what’s next. In Quest for Honor, Jim is still seeking to regain the sense of honor he felt he lost when his wife died, while Mark is contemplating retirement and wonders if life as a civilian will be as honorable as his time in uniform. In lawless Somalia, an al-Qaeda 


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chieftain decides to defect, and that decision will bring the Hayes brothers back together, involving them in a terrorist plot to bring America to her knees. A year later, Quest for Vengeance finds the brothers honeymooning with their new brides in Italy, but their presence has been detected by a Serbian warlord, who has an old score to settle with Mark. He decides to strike quickly at Mark’s wife, luring the brothers into a battle he will make sure they cannot win.

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and her first mission is to lead a team behind the Iron Curtain to prevent the assassination of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev by a rogue KGB agent. Cut off from U.S. support, hunted by Soviet and Hungarian agents, Jo has to find and defeat the most dangerous man she has ever faced, with the fate of the Cold War hanging in the balance.


    When America and its allies are trouble, they send their best to solve the problem. Jo Ann Geary is the White Vixen, an officer in Air Force Special Operations and expert martial artist and linguist. We meet her in my debut thriller, The White Vixen, set in 1981-82. On a mission with British Royal Marines in Hong Kong, Jo helps rescue an MI6 agent held captive by the Chinese. Months later, MI6 calls on Jo again, this time to go undercover deep inside Argentina on the eve of the Falklands War. She uncovers a shadow government led by a man thought long dead, the mastermind of a plot that could touch off World War III. In The Red Wolf, it’s five years later. Jo is now executive officer of a secret special operations unit, Pallas Group,