Quest for Honor is a five-star military thriller set in both Afghanistan and in protagonist Jim Hayes’ home state of Wisconsin in the U.S. The story involves love and loss, and the inner turmoil it creates in Hayes’ life. Jim longs to prove himself as worthy and honorable as his younger brother, who is playing a vital role serving his country in Afghanistan. Little does Jim know he’ll soon get that chance when an al Qaeda chieftain, educated in the U.S., chooses to defect on the condition that he is allowed to surrender himself to Jim, a friend from his college days. An intriguing read!

     – Marjorie Doering, author of Dear Crossing and Shadow Tag

     I loved this book (Quest for Honor) because it incorporated a missing element from many families’ normal education of their children, and that is a “code of honor”…The main characters both have dreams, one is living his dream while the other goes through life with his dream unfulfilled. It is really unique how the author jumps back and forth between the two characters (brothers) and shows how they choose to live with honor regardless of their “dreams.” I think it is a must read for all…

     – Dr. Bohdi Sanders, author of the best-selling Modern Bushido: Living a Life of Excellence 


     I was introduced to the author at a local Rotary club meeting where he presented his first publication, The White Vixen. I enjoyed that book, so I purchased Quest for Honor. I was immediately swept into the many story lines by great character development. The collision of the separate story lines created a can't put me down read. I gave up precious sleeping hours to finish this book and was rewarded with a truly spellbinding finish. Quest for Honor revives my own search for honor. 
     – Dean Springer

     The White Vixen does an impressive job of blending historical and fictional elements into a well-realized and exciting story set during the Falkland Islands War. Among the highlights is a scene early in the book where British and Argentine forces face off for control of a small, barren island in the South Atlantic. Because the reader gets both perspectives on that confrontation, it's clear how the situation is developing beyond the intentions of either side. That scene is exemplary of how numerous perspectives are used effectively throughout the book to build a compelling story.

     – Aaron Sampson

     Tautly written and action-packed, The White Vixen marks a solid debut adventure novel. The book moves beyond the standard spy and war novel fare, however, by introducing an intriguing character, Korean-American Jo Ann Geary, a USAF Special Operations captain who’s so good that even MI6 needs her services. The novel also fills a void in the thriller genre – a rare book about the Falklands War of the early 1980s. If this book demonstrates the skills of a writer at the beginning of his career, then I can’t wait for his next few titles.
     – Kyle John Janison

     Mr. Tindell makes me remember why I like reading international espionage thrillers…The pacing was great. I got “lost” in the story and found myself coming up for breath about ten chapters later.

     – Cheryl’s Book Nook

     The Red Wolf has made me even more of a historical fiction fan, and helped me appreciate the warrior aspect of modern Martial Arts. The details of The Cold War came to life for me with Jo, the talented, ninja-line protagonist getting the job done with her team. Since I am a female Martial Artist, I really appreciate the technical side of the self defense and finishing techniques, as well as the fascinating details of how things very well could've went down behind the Iron Curtain.

     – Lisa K. Richards